Website Copywriting and SEO

The Mystery of SEO

When working with clients, I often ask them which keywords they are targeting as part of their search engine optimization plan.  Some respond with a well-researched list of keywords, and yet others do not understand the concept of keyword content.   Below, I will attempt to explain the basics of SEO as it relates to your website copywriting and selected keywords.

Think Like a Customer

“Keywords” are the words your customers enter into search engines to find sites like yours.  For example, if I was shopping for a digital camera, I might go to Google and search on “buy digital cameras” or “best digital cameras”.  The string of words I type into the search field are the keywords or keyword phrases.

Why This is Important for your Business Website

Determining your keywords and developing keyword rich website copywriting  for your business website helps improve your search engine rankings for your specific keywords–which directly impacts the amount of traffic your website receives.

Need More Help?

Contact Lincoln Street Copywriting services for help with seo copywriting, website copywriting, blogging services, and more.  Don’t forget to view our portfolio for many samples of our copywriting services.


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