Copywriting Services for Business Plans

If you’re getting ready to launch a new business, secure funding for a new business, or seek grant funding, there’s a considerable possibility that you’ll be asked for a business plan.  As part of our copywriting services at Lincoln Street Copywriting, we offer business plans to assist business owners and entrepreneurs in reaching their goals. As one of the most important and highly-scrutinized documents in your business startup strategy, hiring a copywriting service write your business plan is a good investment, that could make the difference in how your business is perceived by decision makers.

Here are a few tips for getting your materials ready for a copywriting service to construct your business plan:

–The Basics:  When you decide to hire a copywriting service to write your business plan, take a few minutes to compile a few basics facts about your business.   The more details your copywriter can work into your plan, the better the plan will be.  When was your business founded?  By whom?  Do you have a mission statement?  The answers to these questions will allow your business plan copywriter to create a thorough and impressive plan for your business.

–The Recipient:   Who will receive your final business plan?  A lender?  A grant funder? Your city council? Communicating these details to your business plan copywriting service will help ensure a plan that is directed to the correct audience.  For example,  if your business plan will be presented to a lender, your business plan copywriter will compose your business plan to include more information directed at lenders, such as available collateral, a more precise budget, and other funding sources.  However, if your business plan is directed to a grant funding source, then you business plan copywriter will likely focus your plan on how your business will meet the mission of your funder, and detail community support for your business.

–Get Started:  After you’ve provided your business plan copywriter with as much information as possible, allow your business plan copywriter to go to work creating an effective plan for you.  You may be surprised how an outsider’s view of you business or proposed business


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