Web Copywriting: Make It Visually Appealing

It’s true that the copywriting you choose for your web content is one of the most important decisions you will make when launching a business.  With that established, ask your copywriting service to take a final look at your website copy after you launch your site. Seeing is believing, so here are a few tips for the layout of website copywriting and getting the most from the copywriting you choose.

Color:  Avoid color schemes that can be hard to read.  For example, vast contract such as white text on a black background is often hard to read.  Pages with little contrast, such as a yellow background with beige text can be just as annoying to your visitor.

Font:  While fancy fonts and scripts might work out great for an ornate title or banner, the general text you receive from your copywriting service should be posted in an easy to read font. Some of the most common fonts for successful websites are:  Verdana, Garamond, Times, and Arial.

Room to Breathe:  Choose a visually friendly font size; we recommend a 12 or 14 for posting website copywriting.  Divide the text into easy to read paragraphs, giving each a subtitle. This allows your visitor to quickly skim the website writing to quickly reach what they need.


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