Social Media Marketing…Frito Lay Wants You to Save Your Favorite Flavor

Chicken and waffles potato chips?  You may find them coming to your neighborhood, as I recently found (and purchased them) in mine. Frito Lay is rolling out three new flavors of chips and asking fans to vote to save their favorite flavor on FaceBook.  

I’m not usually a potato chip fan, but how could I resist the urge to try not only chicken and waffles chips, but also cheesy garlic bread chips?  After all, if one turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever tasted, I’d certainly want to get my vote in, right?  I should also mention that there is a third flavor in this chip face off that I haven’t tried yet. 

There’s a great marketing tip under all of this chip business….instead of simply advertising your business to your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter, why not ask them a question?   Give them a reason to want to reach you.  Or, in the case of  saving cheesy garlic bread potato chips, give them a reason to NEED to contact you.

As a website copywriter and paid blogger, I think there’s a marketing lesson here for all of us…marketing is about building relationships, asking questions, and capturing the attention of an audience.  As someone who’s now purchased two of Frito Lay’s three new flavors…I can tell you it works! 🙂


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