Web Content Writing: Three Must Haves


Choosing what to include in your website content can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the world of online marketing and website copywriting.   To help you get started, we’ve made a list of the top 3 items every website owner should include on his or her site.

1.  An Uncluttered Home Page

Simply stated, your home page should view and read as light as a Spring breeze!  Resist the temptation to include paragraphs of introductions, product descriptions, or technical information on your home page. Cluttered homepages result in overwhelmed visitors…and lost revenue.

2.  A Blog

If you haven’t worked a blog into your website plan, you may want to reconsider.  Blogging provides a platform from which to interact with your customers, boost your search engine rankings and establish yourself as an expert.  Most copywriting services can assist you in launching or maintaining a blog, or even breathing life into an outdated one.

3.  Multiple Contact Options

Your website content should include multiple contact options, including phone and email.  Have you ever been to website that doesn’t have a phone contact option? It creates a sense that the business is not fully developed or is very small.  Another contact option to consider including is live chat.

Whether you’re choosing a copywriting service or writing your own website content, carefully planning your website copywriting is well worth the extra effort for your business.  Have questions on how to get started?  Give us a call at 765-764-5031 or email traci@lincolnstreetcopy.com


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