Writing Services For Your Business: Online Press Releases

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve pondered the benefits of hiring a  writing service to write and distribute a press release online.  But, have you ever wondered if they really work for promoting a business?  As a copywriter who’s written hundreds of press releases, I can tell you they most certainly do work.  Here’s how:


Top online press release distribution services receive thousands of hits every day.  When you distribute your press release to these agencies, you make it possible to profit from that level of Internet traffic. For example, with most online press release services, your press release will likely be viewable via a link on the agency’s home page.

Search Engine Benefits

One of the most impressive benefits of online press releases are the SEO perks.  In addition to asking your writing service to include your keywords in your press release, online press releases also offer SEO options for tagging your press release with your targeted keywords.  Many services also offer multiple live links to be included throughout your press release.   As you probably know, backlinks to your website are important for Google rankings.

Expert Positioning

Online press releases by professional writing services offer the opportunity to present yourself as an expert in your field.  When you add relevant and timely news to the online community, you convey a level of involvement and knowledge within  your industry.  As a trusted authority in your field, you’re more likely to capture the trust of consumers.


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