Web Copywriter Asks…What If You Had Only 30 Seconds?

colored pencils

Today I read a post on a copywriting message board from someone just getting started in writing radio spots.  One of the comments referred to writing 30-second radio spots as the best activity for learning copywriting due to the time constraints, and the pressing need for every word to count.

As a Web copywriter, I think using the radio analogy could be applied to many business projects, including writing a home page.   Internet gurus know that we have only a few seconds to grab the attention of an online visitor–definitely another situation where time is of the essence.  So, let’s apply the 30-second rule to all online businesses.  What would you tell someone about your business if you had just 30 seconds?  Make a list.  Which items would make the cut, and which ones would need to wait?  It’s likely that the items that make your “30-Second List”  would double as a great guideline for things to include on your home page, and the items that didn’t make the list could probably be safely saved for other pages.



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