Find Long Term Customers by Adding Value to Your Blog

add value to blog writing

As a business owner, one of the most important tools you have for engaging your customers is your blog.  Beyond the obvious opportunities for touting your products or services, adding items of value for your reader plays a powerful role in your success because doing so creates repeat visitors, and, as a result, the coveted long term customer relationships every business owner wants.  So, let’s talk about what you can add to your blog to improve its value for your followers.

Relevant News Items:  Post items of interest to make your blog a “one-stop-shop” for your visitors to stay up to date within your niche. For example, blog writing for a health food store should  include related news items such as new study findings, healthy eating, and exercise–all things the business owner’s customer base are likely to be interested in.

Highlight Important Organizations and Groups:  When blogging for business, it’s important to include resources for your followers such as links to national organizations that your viewers will find relevant to their needs.  Going back to our example of a health food store, I would want to include links and info on organizations promoting organic food regulation or physical fitness–again, likely items of interest to our target market.

Create Interactive Opportunities: When blog writing, it’s important to ask your customers to participate.  This could include a poll that’s relevant to your niche, asking for opinions on a news topic, or requesting  suggestions on new products.  Frito Lay recently launched a marketing campaign that encouraged customer interaction by asking them to use a social network to “save” their favorite flavor of 3 new potato chip varieties.   Providing an opportunity for your customers to participate adds interest and value to your blog.  Read more about the Frito Lay campaign in our social media marketing post.

So, whether your utilizing blog writing services, or writing your own posts, remember to add value to your blog by posting items of relevance to your viewers, including news items, highlighting specific organizations, and creating opportunities for interaction.  When you create a great experience for your viewers, you’ll be well on the way to gaining and maintaining relationships with long time customers.


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