Website Content: Beyond Keywords


Have you ever read a home page that’s stuffed with keywords and includes little or no attempt to engage the viewer, but rather to cram as many keywords as possible into every sentence? It’s likely that we all have. So, think about your reaction to that page of aimless website content? Did you hang around to read more, or (gasp) buy something? Of course not. Chances are, you quickly moved on to another site–something a little more personable.

There’s a web marketing lesson here: Visitors won’t hang around your website if all you give them is repetitive keyword loaded sentences. They’ll turn around and walk away every time. So, what’s more important? Website content that focuses on keywords or content that focuses on interacting with the customer? I think the answer is both.

And, that’s where the true talent of website copywriting enters the picture–the ability to do both. Whether you hire a writing service or choose to write your homepage content yourself, the strategy should be to engage your customers as you simultaneously work in the necessary keywords, being careful never to impede your relationship with your viewer over a cheap shot at getting in one more instance of your keyword.

What do you think? What strategy are you using to engage your customers AND achieve search engine visibility?


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