Content Syndication: Get More from Blog Writing and Website Content


As a newer addition to online marketing options, content syndication is becoming quite the buzz among business owners and communications professionals.    We’ve recently begun launching content syndication campaigns for our clients as part of our blog writing services….so if you aren’t familiar with the basics of content syndication, this post will get you started.

What is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is the authorized re-use of an author’s web content/ writing on other websites.   Using a content syndication service, a link to the content, is distributed among websites where viewers are most likely to have an interest in the topic featured in the content.

Can My Business Benefit from Content Syndication?

In short, yes.  There are multiple benefits to utilizing content syndication for your business, including  driving targeted traffic to your website and boosting your search engine rankings.

Targeted Traffic:  When you syndicate your content, such as blog posts or web content articles, that content is made available to web users who have already demonstrated an interest in the general topic of the content.  For example, a viewer visiting her favorite cooking blog will see links to other syndicated content, which could include a link to another cooking blog, or related cooking article.  When viewers see your syndicated content, it is usually directly related to other pages they’ve chosen to view.  So, this creates a natural targeted traffic pattern.

Search Engine Rankings:  Often distributed as links next to news articles, or other web content writing, syndicated links create keyword rich backlinks to your website or blog.  For example, using the cooking blog example from above, a syndicated article would likely be labeled using the keywords that web visitors use to find your site in search engine rankings.   The more optimized links you have, the higher you will appear in search engine results for those terms.

How Do I Pay for Content Syndication Services?

A simple Google search on content syndication services will provide you with plenty of options for getting started.  Payment options range from paying a preset amount for every click on your content (similar to bidding on keywords at Google AdWords), to paying a set monthly fee for syndication services. Some content syndication services will allow you to set a daily budget.

If you’re looking for a fresh, new way to get started with online marketing, we suggest that you give content syndication a try. It’s a great way to get double duty from your website copywriting.  Lincoln Street Copywriting Services can even help you get started with a campaign.  Give us a call at 765-764-5031.


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