Is Your Blog a Healthy Community?

blog writing community

Have you ever considered the fact that your business or organization blog essentially is an online micro-community?  It’s true, and the more I provide copywriting services for blogs in multiple sectors, the more I realize how true it really is.  I find it helpful, when trying to determine exactly what a blog needs or what topics to write about, to consider the basic needs of a community.  So what does every community need?


The people of every community, and the subscribers of every blog, need to receive news about what’s going on around them in order to be informed global  citizens.  For a blog, this could include major news stories related to the general topic of the blog.   For example, if I were providing blogging services for an online store that sells baby clothes, I would occasionally include a news story related to parenting, including new studies on childhood vaccinations or early childhood, new parenting websites, and nutrition–all items suitable for the target audience.  In addition, providing fresh news for blog subscribers is essential for maintaining relevance,  functioning as a useful resource in the lives of your subscribers, and getting more blog subscribers.


Every community needs resources–or ways to get the things and information members need.  For blogging purposes, community resources might include national organizations or non profit websites related to the topic of your blog.  For example, if I were providing blogging services for a city’s chamber of commerce, I would include resources for business owners in my blog posts, such as the National Women’s Business Council.  And, don’t forget other blogs related to your topic–an excellent resource!


Perhaps the most important characteristic of every community is consistency–every successful community provides consistency and a sense of reliability to its members.  When blog writing, aim to be a consistent and reliable resource for your community members.  This means reliably posting the news within your industry, providing excellent resources for your blog followers, and consistently maintaining conversation to hold the interest of blog followers, find new blog followers.

What’s Going on in Your Neighborhood?

So how are things going with your blogging efforts?  Are you developing a healthy community by providing the resources the community needs?  If you notice that your company blog is lacking the elements of a successful community try adding news, resources, and a consistent effort.  You’ll be surprised at the results.

Need help with blogging?  We provide blog writing services for many businesses and organizations, including some national names.  Give us a call at 765-764-5031 or visit

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