Website Copywriting: 3 Reasons Why Less is More for Your Homepage

website copywriting

As a website copywriter, I’m often asked to take a look at client websites and give them my opinion and/or advice on improving their site, specifically where website content is concerned.  Among the most common issues that I run into is the tendency for business owners to inundate their home pages with paragraph after paragraph of keyword-loaded web copy.  Now, you may be thinking that the more content any home page has, the better, right?  Not so, and here’s why:

3 Reasons Why Less Web Content is More for Your Homepage

1.  The Time Factor:  The pressure is (really) on, here!  While we all dream about website visitors leisurely browsing our sites and reading every word of our website content writing, the reality is most of them don’t.  You have only 2-3 seconds to engage the attention of a website visitor, and quite frankly, if  your website content doesn’t deliver, then your visitor will, in a flash, back out of your site and be on to the next.  So, for your home page, remember that quality writing targeted precisely for your visitors is always the way to go.  While you may not be able to squeeze quite as many instances of your top keywords into the copy, you will be able to adequately include them, and most of all, have website content writing that visitors will actually want to read.

2.  The Clutter Factor: Another reason why less is more for your homepage content is that no one likes a mess, and the truth is, messes can be particularly stressful, whether in the office, at home, or even on the Web.  When you have too much website content on your home page, things start looking messy and homepages begin to look overwhelming to visitors.  This visual clutter can turn off visitors, once again, giving them reason to move on to the next website to make their purchase or inquiry.

3.  The Desperation Factor:  The final reason why less is more for your homepage content writing is that dull and empty repetition of your keywords makes you look desperate.  A great website, a good sign of a healthy business, doesn’t have to lay out page after page of boring website copywriting to make a sale.  Let your work speak for itself.  Showcase your case studies, testimonials, and the great value you provide–when these are well presented by a professional copywriting service, then you have something far more powerful than keyword content.

In conclusion, remember that less is more when it comes to website copywriting, specifically for your home page.  From a copywriting standpoint, I can tell you that it’s actually harder to create a message that isn’t too short, and isn’t too long, while still making all of your key points than it is to drone on and on–but it is WELL worth the effort.

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