Is Website Content Still King?

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For years, the idea that “content is king” has been the unofficial motto of online marketing. But now, I’m wondering if that motto should be modified to say that “content marketing is king”. While web content writing and keyword density were once SEO hallmarks, today’s business model has taken website copy to a new level– content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the sharing of  (what should be) high quality web content without advertising within the copy.  Simply stated, content marketing is providing customers and potential customers with a steady stream of valuable information that they can truly use via social networking, email, your website or blog, or perhaps a content marketing company.

Examples of Content Marketing:

  • A roofing contractor sharing a quality article on the best types of shingles with his FaceBook followers.
  • A copywriting services agency sharing a post about  blog writing tips on Twitter.
  • A university sending an article about choosing a college to its email contacts.

The Benefits of Content Marketing:

There are multiple benefits associated with marketing your content.  Perhaps most importantly, you’re adding value for your customers by providing information, other than advertising, that they can really use.  Another benefit of content marketing is that it builds relationships with potential customers. And, by providing a steady stream of quality information related to your field, you’re positioning yourself (and your business) as an expert within your field.  Establishing these relationships and a sense of trust is priceless.

So, as you run your business, keep in mind that web content writing alone is no longer enough to remain afloat in the online marketplace.  You must also market your content to as many current and potential customers as possible.  By doing so, you’ll establish and maintain a contact base that views you as an expert, trusts your business, and is likely to buy from you in the future.


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