Search Engine Candy Part Deux: Why My Rankings Went Up

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Hopefully, you were able to catch yesterday’s post on how my Google rankings have dramatically increased since I decided to publish links to my most recent blog posts on my home page.  If not, here’s a link to Website SEO:  The Very Best Thing I’ve Done This Year.  As promised, today I want to share my thoughts on why it helped take my website content to the next level.

Blog Writing Creates a Natural Conversation

Unlike straight-laced web content writing, blogging creates a natural flow of conversation between me and my viewers.  So, instead of having paragraph after paragraph of awkward keyword content, my blogging naturally introduces the keywords that are important to my business through enjoyable, valuable interaction.

A Steady Stream

Have you ever noticed that some websites use the same website content year after year?  Although it’s convenient to use the same stale copy for years, it really doesn’t help your search engine rankings.  By utilizing links to my blog writing on my home page, I reap the benefits of a steady stream of SEO copywriting that is just the food search engine spiders are looking for.  In fact, they love it so much, I refer to it as search engine candy.  Bottom line here, frequent updates to your web content make all the difference.

Links With Keywords

One of the hallmarks of good SEO is the inclusion of quality links that contain your keywords on your own site and other sites.  Since my blog post titles always (naturally) include some form of my keywords, I’ve created these valuable links for my homepage.  You can take this one step further by adopting the practice of deep linking in your SEO copywriting, but that could be a post all by itself (coming tomorrow!).

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how posting blog links on my home page improved my website content, and I welcome your comments.  Tomorrow, I’ll be posting about deep linking and why it is so helpful in blog writing.   Talk to you soon.

LSC provides website copywriting and blog writing services for business owners around the world.  Contact us today for help on your project!


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