Fast Friday Tip: Make Sure Your Web Copywriting Promotes Benefits Not Features


If you’re planning a rework of your website content in hopes of increasing sales, here’s a quick tip for getting started.  Promoting the benefits of a product to the consumer, rather than the features of the product, results in more sales because the benefits are what the customer is looking for.  For example, let’s suppose I’m writing content for a cough suppressant below.  Which product would you buy?

1.  Our Throat Lozenges Contain 17 Organic Compounds and All Natural Colors (Emphasizes Features)

2 Soothe Your Throat and Get a Good Night’s Sleep (Emphasizes Benefits)

As you can see, headline number two targets the consumer by letting them know exactly what they’re getting when they purchase the product.  Benefits-based copy pulls better results every time.  After all, which would you rather have for your money, 17 organic compounds, or a good night’s sleep?  And there you have it, your Fast Friday Tip.  Have a great weekend.

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