Mwah! Get a Blog Makeover in 3 Easy Steps.

Get a Blog Makeover

Three Quick Steps for a Blog Makeover Today

We’ve all heard it before, right?  A stale blog is worse than no blog at all.  It’s true, but if you don’t have enough time to manage your blog, then all the blogging advice in the world is useless.  While any blog requires consistent effort to be successful, there are a few things you can do to get started on the right path until you have a couple hours to really tackle the job. Here are a few super fast tricks for freshening up your blog in a flash.

Put Up a Fresh Face

Even if you don’t have time for serious blog posting, can you put up a few fresh sentences to get started?  This could include a short paragraph about what you plan to do with your blog, posting a question for viewers to provide input on, or even a few photos with interesting captions.

Hook Yourself Up

Install a live Twitter feed on  your blog.  If you use WordPress, then this is as simple as adding a widget to your side bar options.  Then, when you tweet, your blog will at least show some new web content for your viewers.  And, when you Tweet, don’t forget to toss in a few keywords for good measure.

Take Down Time

Another thing you can do to quickly improve your blog is to remove dated content and/or graphics.  For example, if your blog is still showing a graphic for a “Fall Special”, and here it is the middle of June, it’s definitely time for a quick hit of the delete button.  Likewise, if you launched your blog and made your one and only post in 2009, then it’s time to let it go and start new.   By having the old content front and center, you’re advertising to the world that you haven’t kept up with your business blogging.  Get rid of it, and enjoy a clean slate.

Still Not Enough Time?

Some business owners find that their time is better spent managing their business, and leaving the blogging to a copywriting service.  If this sounds like your situation, call Lincoln Street Copywriting for help and information on how to get started with our blog writing services.


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