The Best Business Advice I’ve Ever Received (Your Fast Friday Tip)


As a freelance copywriter, I’ve had the good fortune of meeting people from every walk of life, including very passionate and successful people whom I greatly admire and have learned so much from.  So, when the opportunity arises, I like to ask my most successful clients why they think they’ve made it to the top of their game.  And, the answer—the same answer I’ve heard from multiple people around the world– surprised me.

Here It Is: 

“You Can’t Do It All”

The answer I’ve received multiple times when I’ve questioned my top clients about the reason for their success is that they spend their time doing whatever it is they do best–and that’s it.  The most successful people I know don’t try to be experts in every soup to nuts facet of their businesses, instead they surround themselves with other experts. And, they trust the knowledge of those experts to propel their businesses even further–instead of masquerading as the man or woman who knows everything.   And, from what I have witnessed, it seems to work.

Do What You Do Best

For example,  if you’re a business owner who is an expert at negotiating deals, then invest some time in finding other people who can take care of the other components of your business such as your website management, your advertising, and your social networking so that you can spend the most amount of time possible doing what you do best.  Think about it.  By utilizing the expertise of others, you won’t waste time struggling with the aspects of your business that aren’t your best areas, and you’ll be providing your business with experts who can probably do the job much more efficiently anyway. And very best of all, you’ll have the time you need concentrate on your strengths, and ultimately take your business to even higher levels.

And there you have it, your (not so) Fast Friday Tip!


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