Ker-Splash! Dive In to Deep Linking and Boost Traffic

deep linking

It’s time to get your feet wet!  Whether you’re a new blogger or an old pro, learning the strategy of deep linking can make a big splash for your blog.  Read below to find out just exactly what deep linking is, and why your blog needs it.

What is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is the practice of linking one internal, indexed page of your site to another internal, indexed page of your site. Still not sure? Here is an example of  deep linking.  Notice the link there.  I’ve linked this post to another post, using relevant words.

3 Reasons Why Deep Linking Improves Blogs

Deep linking is important to blog writing and is used by pros for a number of reasons, ranging from SEO to site authority.  Here’s why:

1. Be a Big Fish in a Big Pond

Deep linking creates, humor me here, “layers” of content that search engine spiders love. When your site includes multiple layers of information related to  your keywords, the authority or quality of your site improves, which is important to search engine visibility.

2.  SEO Savvy

When it comes to website marketing, can you really ever get enough SEO? By deep linking using your keywords as live text, you increase your SEO for those words.  For example, here’s a deep link on blog writing services.  “Blog writing services” happens to be one of my best keyword phrases, and by deep linking I’m giving my blog a little boost with search engines.  And to add another” layer” to the onion, the blog post I just linked to also contains deep linking.  All the better.

3.  Relevancy

In the world of online business, maintaining relevancy for as many keywords as possible is important.  But, have you noticed that a home page will only hold so much?  And, the reality is that if you overstuff your homepage content with too many keywords, you will only be penalized.  Deep linking provides a strategy for increasing relevancy for a number of keywords by allowing you to focus on different keywords for your pages.  Instead of junking up your homepage with too much information, you can optimize a number of pages for a number of different keywords.  Just think of it as room to sprawl out a little.

Grab the snorkel and dive into deep linking! The results will surprise you.


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