Why I save junk mail

freelance writing junk mail

The trash can or recycle bin is the only good place for junk mail, right?  Although it goes completely against my organized mom instincts,  I have a confession to make:  sometimes I keep it.  But, only the good stuff.   I even have a small drawer in my office dedicated to it.   You see, as a freelance writer often looking for ways to grab a reader’s attention through writing, I like to look back through my “quality”  junk mail, that is, the pieces of mail that made me look again, or made me want to actually open the envelope.  It’s great for inspiration when developing blog headlines, email subjects, and even web copy for my writing clients.

So, the next time you see a chance to win a pile of money by subscribing to magazines or how to get a lifetime of insurance for “only pennies a month”, pause for a second.  Is there something on that envelope that made you look?  Is there something that makes you want to bury it in the trash can?  I like to think of it like this….junk mail can be a writer’s best friend by providing daily lessons on what works and what doesn’t…and it’s delivered right to your front door.

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