Why BK’s New French Fry Burger Reminds Me of Some Writers

freelance writing french fries

This morning I read a great piece on Burger King’s newest hamburger, the French Fry Burger.  The writer dubbed the sandwich, a regular hamburger with a handful of fries on a bun, as the “We Give Up” burger.  He cited this as the iconic food chain’s very weak effort to revive dwindling sales in the US.  So, for the “value” price of a buck, Burger King is taking a long shot on a miracle by throwing it all in with the boring use of their same old mediocre fries on top of their typical low-quality fast food eats.  Just the old fries on top of the old burger.  Clearly, there’s no creativity to be found in this effort.

But, why does BK’s effort with this carb-loaded concoction remind me of writers?  Because sometimes writers get desperate.  Too desperate.  Desperate enough to put all their fries on one cheap burger and give it all away at a rock-bottom price– in hopes that it will somehow be the saving grace of a stagnant freelance writing business. Instead of putting out innovative, original, and thought-provoking content, desperate writers churn out more of the same, perhaps tossed into a slightly different format, and then give it away.

If you’re a beginning writer just starting a freelance writing business, I encourage you avoid the treadmill of bottom-of-the-barrel writing jobs, and invest your time in seeking clients who understand the value of professional communication and will compensate you accordingly.  Want fries with that?


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