How One Business Blew a Big (Huge) Opportunity Thanks to a Stale Blog


You know how every business owner waits and waits for that one moment, the moment when the stars align and everything’s going their way, and then, BOOM, success happens? Everyone dreams of that moment.  But, last week I helplessly watched while one business, in the medical field, totally missed their 15-minutes in the global spotlight.

What Happened

In the company’s extremely specialized, very narrow niche, a big, national news story developed out of nowhere.  It broke in the middle of the day just before the holiday weekend.   The news, which affected stock values, big pharma companies, and even individual patients, resulted in a huge increase of searches on their keywords, traffic to their Facebook page, and users reaching out for conversation, debate, and answers on the topic.

No one from the company responded.  Absolutely no one.  They didn’t even put up a blog post about the breaking news.  They looked stale and off their game.  They totally blew it.  And then it was over just as quickly as it started.

What Went Wrong

They weren’t ready.  With inconsistent blogging efforts, and no one monitoring social networking accounts, there simply wasn’t anyone on the watch or monitoring their online communities. No one was at the ready to capitalize on an opportunity that isn’t likely to present itself again in the near future.  In short, the company benefited virtually nothing from a situation that could have landed them the moment they had been waiting on for years.

How You Can Avoid Missing Your Big Break

In social networking and business blogging, I simply can’t stress enough the importance of sticking with it, having a plan in place and jumping on opportunities when they arise.  Consistent and timely blog content is everything here. Even if you don’t have a big budget, a small, consistent effort is better than crickets chirping on your blog when opportunity knocks.

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