How to get more email contacts from your blog

email from blog

Lately I’ve been working with a client who, like all of us, wants to grow his email contacts list.  We have all of the usual techniques in use, including placing sign up prompts on key pages of his website and on the sidebar of his business blog. So far, all of these things have proven to be useful, but we wanted to find a way to take it to the next level.

Now, in addition to all of the other ways we’re using to gain email subscribers, I have started adding an email signup link within the text of each post I write for his blog.  Just a simple link at the end of each article has proven to consistently bring in several more contacts each week.  As with any blogging work or copywriting projects, I make sure that the links are not obnoxious and are overall unobtrusive to viewers.

We are pleased with the results.  And, as an added bonus, I’m optimistic that the subscribers we are gaining from the blog, which is brimming with informational content on my client’s niche, are high quality contacts who already have demonstrated a genuine interest in the topic.

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